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Story One Sheet

Spirits of the Western Wild

Written by

David Schaub & Roger Vizard

This paranormal adventure follows a young adventure-seeker and a curmudgeonly ghost bound together in a combative partnership that escalates to the comedic breaking point. Only by reconciling their differences are they able to defeat destructive forces working against them and uncover the profound connections that weave their fates together.

A mysterious book of premonitions, an ominous crow, and ancient Indian drive the mystical tone of this world; conjuring spiritual forces to help steer our hero on his journey through this western "twilight zone." 


It is a story of redemption, friendship, loyalty, and the final ascension that occurs when our destiny is done. Were those serendipitous twists and turns just a coincidence?  Or are we guided by ancient “spirits on the wind” that nudge and steer us along our path to assure that we arrive safely at our intended destination in the end?

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Beats from screenplay:



Copyright © 2023 David Schaub and Roger Vizard

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